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Heal Yourself with Qi Gong


A new book has been published in St.Catharines by local QiGong and Tai Chi Master George Picard. Sifu Picard has students throughout North America who are teaching an ancient healing modality called QiGong. Many of these students, including Medical Doctors and other health care professionals, have experienced firsthand the healing power of “QiGong” as taught by Sifu Picard.

His new book “Heal Yourself with QiGong” has simplified Chinese Medicine concepts so that anyone can understand why QiGong is so effective in healing illness. The first printing was sold out to Qigong instructors and schools in Canada and the United States. It is currently in its second printing.

“QiGong holds the key to healthful living. George Picard has true passion for this art and its potential to improve lives. His written words convey a wealth of knowledge and experience offered in plain language that demystifies 4000 years of wisdom. There is a message here for everyone from the elite athlete to those living with chronic illness. Reading this book should make you want to make daily practice of QiGong as much a part of your life as eating well, exercising and brushing your teeth.”
P.J. Klein, PT, EdD

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